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Going by our regime of ‘make & save’, we rest our endurance in making our clients feel at ease with the choices we fabricate. Companies have a fortune awaiting their existence. We here, strive to tap the ones which befit the return aspirations, risk tolerance and holding horizon. All things said, the scope of this firm ranges from investing and trading to FNOs, augmenting the value and trust with very step taken.

Long-term Investments

At the Investment Lab, we strongly believe that a good investment is driven by both fundamental and technical attributes. Strong track record, great financials, above average management team, back testing of available data guide our investment decision in companies. Needless to say, a due diligence effort at this depth will filter great companies with consistent earnings and typically generate above average earnings growth over long periods of time. Unless, Mr. Market behaves in unprecedented ways you’re sure to reap benefits that out perform the market.


For all you momentum enthusiasts out there who want to capitalize and make the most of the daily price movements and price ticks, you’d be delighted to figure out that we have a completely alternate operating model to suit your requirements.  


For trading, we have defined a stringent risk strategy keeping in mind the risk appetite of our client. Trading with strict stop-losses forms the bedrock of our strategy. We focus on the momentum strategy based on certain indicators, patterns and various other formations of the technical charts.  


There is not anything new about trading in stock markets. There can’t be! Speculation is as old as the hills, whatever happens in the stock market today has happened before and will happen again. Practicality is at the core of any trading activity within any philosophy, as trading is a business where, if you’re good you are right six times out of ten. You’re never going to be right nine time out of ten, hence the only elements of successful trading are  


#1 Cutting Losses,

#2 Cutting Losses and

#3 Cutting Losses