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“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”
– Warren Buffett


Long-term Investments

At the Investment Lab, we strongly believe that a good investment is driven by both fundamental and technical attributes. Strong track record, great financials, above average management team, back testing of available data guide our investment decision in companies. Needless to say, a due diligence effort at this depth will filter great companies with consistent earnings and typically generate above average earnings growth over long periods of time. Unless, Mr. Market behaves in unprecedented ways you’re sure to reap benefits that outperform the market.


What can you expect from us?


If you’re expecting the answer to be a steady x% return over a certain period of time then we’d like to burst the bubble straight up. But if you’re expecting a customised and perfectly analysed portfolio then look no more, because with us you’ve certainly hit the nail on its head.


Our investment advisory takes personalised approach based on your initial investment, return expectation and risk profile. It’d be naïve to take the same approach for all portfolios as we feel smaller and larger portfolio, both can take unique advantages from market mechanisms, stock selection and asset allocation.


As earlier stated, this remains to be the crux of our overall operations and a defining factor that helps our clients rest assured.


Who is it suitable for?


Certainly not for those who want new stock ideas at frequent intervals irrespective of broad market trends. We provide help in creating wealth, not hot money. We are not momentum players, interested in point estimates. We don’t chase stock tips, nor do we rely on supercomputers or fancy algorithms.


We chase the core value investment principles, and thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis forms the base of our modus operandi; our objectives are aligned if you think an investment advisor’s performance is measured on the basis of what absolute returns your portfolio generates over a decent period of time.


That being said, we are not chasing any particular target group of market enthusiasts. We are willing to offer our help to anyone and everyone who wants to make money systematically through the markets. Aspirations of every age group are different, and we’re well equipped, technically and intellectually, to handle the wide range of interests.

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