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Shemaroo Entertainment ltd – It’s show time!

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Shemaroo Entertainment Limited was incorporated in 1962 as a book circulating library in Mumbai, from there on Shemaroo has evolved itself with the changing mediums of entertainment consumption –
– In 1987 Shemaroo started with home video distribution wherein it distributed VCD’s then DVD’s and then Blu-ray’s, this business has become obsolete and is on the verge of extinction at Shemaroo and across the entire industry.
– In 1993 Shemaroo forayed into broadcast syndication business i.e. monetizing intellectual property rights through TV channels – this has now become the largest business of Shemaroo.
– In 2008 and 2009 Shemaroo begin with ‘New Media’ business – i.e. monetizing its content library through newer consumption mediums like internet (YouTube, Hotstar, Hooq, etc) and mobile & telecom platform (MVAS), this has now become the fastest growing business for Shemaroo.
Shemaroo has now completed more than five decades in media and entertainment industry with experience of just about every trend in content aggregation and distribution business. With completion of five decades in the business – the company has witnessed three generations of management, with younger managers like Mr. Jai Maroo taking care of the ‘New Media’ business.
In the simplest words possible, today Shemaroo’s business is to aggregate content rights from various content creators (i.e. producers, media & production houses, etc.) and monetizing these investments through various mediums (like broadcast syndication, mobile, internet, etc.) to earn the maximum possible return on their investments…

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